Glendale Fire Systems, Inc. provides complete integrated security solutions. Using the latest technology in CCTV camera surveillance, card access control and intrusion detection systems. Our experienced sales representatives evaluate your security needs and design a system suited for your building. To contact an experienced sales representative, click here.
CCTV Camera Surveillance
Only high-resolution color cameras and recording equipment are used. Our priority is to design a system that meets the customer's needs... (learn more)
Access Control Systems
Complete access control system solutions. Access control systems are used for controlling and monitoring access though pedestrian doors... (learn more)
Telephone Entry SystemTelephone Entry Systems
Telephone entry systems are designed for multi-tenant residential and mixed use buildings. They are located at the main building entrance... (learn more)
Intrusion Alarm Systems
Intrusion detection burglar alarm systems are designed to detect unwanted entry into your business or residence. Systems include LCD keypads... (learn more)
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